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Official Club Website of Middlesbrough FC


Q: What is an MFC Digital Account?

Q: Who needs an MFC Digital Account?

Q: When will I use my MFC Digital Account?

Q: I have a Ticketing account and/or account. How do I create an MFC Digital Account?

Q: I do not have a Ticketing account and/or account. How do I create an MFC Digital Account?

Q: Can I sign-up for an MFC Digital Account with my social media account?

Q: I have created an account but I haven’t received the confirmation email?

Q: I am unable to click on the link in the confirmation email?

Q: I’m still having trouble authenticating my account. What can I do?

Q: What about my old accounts for Ticketing, and MFC Official Direct?

Q: Will I need to login every time with the MFC Digital Account?

Q: What is the process for linking existing ticket and/or retail accounts?

Q: What if the number next to my account within the Ticketing site doesn’t match my Season Card Boro Ref?

Q: How do I buy tickets once I have an MFC Digital Account?

Q: Still requiring help?

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